October 2013

First Gastronomy Championship \\\"Grifid Hotels\\\"

First Gastronomy Championship "Grifid Hotels". The culinary virtuosos of the four Grifid hotels took part in the competition. They had to prepare meals in 2 stages - vegetarian and pasta and black box. The jury unanimously decided - the winner is Grifid Metropol. On the 2, 3 and 4 place the winners are as follows Grifid Arabella, Grifid Bolero and Grifid Vistamar

October 2013

First Bartender Championship-Grifid Lifestyle Vol.1-19.10.2013

Championship - Grifid Lifestyle. Bartenders from the four Grifid Hotels took part in the competition. They had to prepare cocktails in four rounds:

1. Grifid Culture
2. Innovation & Fantasy
3. Speed mix One vs One
4. Free Style

And the Winners are:
1st place Dilyan Traichov from Grifid Metropol
2nd place Alexander Georgiev from Grifid Bolero
3rd place Christian Filipov from Grifid Vistamar

October 2013

Grifid Insentive trip 2013 - Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand

Grifid management insentive trip - Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. Experience exchange between the local hotel departments and the members of the Grifid team. Our cooks was shown how to prepare traditional Cambodian and Vietnamese dishes.

September 2013

National competition for bartenders

In the city of Troyan took part a national competition for bartenders. From Grifid Hotels participated:

• 1st place with a cocktail "Pearls of Metropol" - Christian Filipov / Vistamar /
• 4th place with the cocktail "Sunny Vistamar" - Alexander Georgiev / Bolero /
• 6th place with the cocktail "Stars of Bolero"

August 2013

TUI Holly for 2013

One more reason to be proud. Grifid Hotel Vistamar is one of the winners of the prestigious award TUI Holly for 2013

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