July 2015

Meet Grifi!

Somewhere in the depths of the fabulously beautiful sea kingdom there lived a little and very curious crab. He loved singing and dancing but felt so lonely that he yearned to be on the beach where he could hear people laughing, having fun, dancing and playing – in short, doing everything he felt like doing!

Days passed on and the little crab sat on a rock which rose above the crystal water and dreamed of following the people to see where they went after the sun went down and the fun of the beach subsided. No sooner said than done!

On a beautiful sunny day the little crab timidly came out ashore and rattling with his small pincers he quickly slipped in the backpack of a child and hushed.

When the little crab finally dared to come out, an amazing sight revealed before his eyes - a fabulous building with view to the sea… The air smelled of delicious food… Brilliant lighthouses were flashing and illuminating an enormous stage…And the floating rhythm of the music made the little crab dance, dance and dance…

A storm of applause and cheers startled the little crab. Children ran to dance with him and everyone kept embracing and greeting him. The little crab had become a real star!

From that day on he decided never to leave this wonderful place where he had real friends and where he never felt bored. The little crab always met and saw off little children and could not wait to meet them again the following year to involve them again in countless games and adventures. In an expression of gratitude the children gave the little crab a name. They named him Grifi after the hotel chain which the little crab had chosen to be his home.

Dear children, Grifi is waiting for you, too! Meet your new friend at Grifid Hotel Arabella, Grifid Bolero and Grifid Vistamar and romp as much as you like! Grifi has prepared countless pleasant surprises for all good children!

Fast Facts about Grifi:

Name: Grifi

Age: 6 years old

Gender: a boy crab

Nationality: Bulgarian

Family: Mom, Dad and 11 brothers and sisters

Location: Grifid Hotels

Nature- nice, naughty and playful

Interests: Protector of the environment (he grew up in the Black Sea)

He loves and likes: he likes ice cream (organizes ice cream parties) and loves making children at Grifid Hotels happy

Friends: children, fish, seahorses, sea snails and dolphins

He speaks: the language of the children

July 2015

Romantic Dinner on The Beach

You have a special occasion? Let us take care of your event!

June 2015

Барманско състезание HAVANA CLUB

On the 23th of June was held in Varna the International Bartender Competition Havana Club. The winner qualifies directly for the international competition in Cuba, which will be attended by 52 countries. We are very proud to announce the winner of Bulgaria ...... and this is Alexander Georgiev, an employee at Grifid Hotel Bolero!

Bravo, Alexander and good luck in Cuba in September!

May 2015


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May 2015


The Grifid hotels chain has the pleasure to announce  the forthcoming seasonal opening on 29 May 2015 of the ONLY hotel Aqua Park in Golden Sands!
Book your stay in any of our Award Winning Grifid hotels at special and very attractive rates.

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