The Medi Spa Encanto Beach Center is YOUR JOURNEY TO HEALTH, where summer vacation on the beach and self-care go hand in hand! A combination of modern equipment with current concepts of detox and wellness. Care of both the body and the inner harmony.

We are so grateful and excited that you have found our new page in the story of a successful and exciting journey. We hope that what follows will familiarize you with our suggestion for a healthier lifestyle, but also provoke each of you to the benefits of thinking about your own health!
We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to perfect health, rather there are different ways of life that provide different solutions for each of us.

Each of us has a unique body with its own individual metabolism, energy levels and lifestyle. Hence, each of us has our own combination of necessary exercises and levels of nutrients. Where and how we get these nutrients is a choice that each of us must make for ourselves.
Our mission is to lead you to the moment when you first hear your heart and then listen carefully to the body, both until we accept the fact that healthy living is a continuous journey.
As long as we stick to these simple beliefs, we can become a little stronger and a little happier with each passing day.

So, regardless of whether you are embarking on your own journey or looking to expand your own enrichment, if you decide to trust us, you should be certain that our suggestions have been developed with the idea of providing you with something valuable - together to begin the first days of the journey to yourself and enjoy yourself with our better vision. The one we wish to start our beneficial trip in the next few days.


In our history we, GRIFID Hotels, have had some exceptionally successful “experiments” in the field of tourism.
We were the first to create the “Ultra All Inclusive” concept as well as to present and establish the concept “Adults only” or hotel only for adults (16+) on the Bulgarian market - a notion and a project that have sounded strange in Bulgaria at that time.
The chain has behind it more than a hundred awards from tour operators for the best partner, the best quality product in Bulgaria, best selling, etc.
Our slogan and motto is: YOUR HOLIDAY. OUR MISSION.
As of this year we desire to make vacation and health two concepts that make step by step together.
And we believe that health tourism shouldn't be just about treatment. For us it should be a choice of life and respectively a way of spending our vacation.
We also want to induce the market to recognize a healthy element in an all-inclusive vacation selection and so that our guests no longer have to decide whether they want to spend the planned vacation at the sea or with care for their health, but can combine both.
Medi Spa Encanto Beach is an experience with many possibilities and our new direction - "Healthy Lifestyle"


  • Built and opened in 2018, located in the Hotel GRIFID Encanto Beach, Golden Sands - an oasis of peace and harmony.
    Advantages of the location: Natural remedies: the effects of high-quality fresh air due to the proximity to the sea (negative ions) and the "Zlatni Pyasatsi" nature park, the healing powers of mud and herbs from the region, pleasant summer temperatures and climate, 3.5 km long promenade for walks, Sports and bike tours. To have a pleasant bath in sea water for the overall toning of the body.
    * Sea water contains vitamins and minerals almost identical to those in our blood plasma and its main task is to ensure the health of our cells.
    Completely new, modern wellness concept from GRIFID Hotels (trustworthy partner of many tour operators) based on the latest trends.
    Instead of choosing between a summer family vacation on the coast or health care, let's strengthen and protect our health for a valuable and active time - with high-quality ultra-all-inclusive vacation at the sea with an additional product all year round: "Health and self-care"
    360 ° concept of "Journey to Health"
    A wide range of effective programs for body and mind detoxification, healing treatments with mud, physiotherapy and kinesitherapy, innovative anti-aging and wellness therapies - suitable for everyone, depending on the needs of the body and personal wishes.
    Warm hospitality and high quality service.
    With attention to detail, guided by the new trends, we offer a quality at the right price.